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(1. 南京信息工程大学科学技术史研究院,江苏南京,210044;2. 北京科技大学科技史与文化遗产研究院,北京,100083)


摘 要:前人对木扇的研究主要是通过古籍、壁画上的图画分析其结构和使用方法,并推测其应用史。本文以新发现的传统冶铁木扇实物为基础,结合文献、田野调查资料,对木扇的历史、结构和使用方法进行总结。在部分地区木扇一直使用到了现代;木扇上下不同弧度的拱形结构与鼓风时风道内没有活门的使用方法可以为古代冶金机械的相关研究提供参考。

关键词:木扇 使用时代 结构 技术要素


Abstract: Predecessor’s study about mushan all based on the picture of ancient works and murals. They analyzed the mushan’s structure and use-method, and infer the history of the blower. This paper is based on the mushan newly discovered, studies the documents and field research data, and finally concludes mushan' history, structure and method of use. Mushan is still being used in some modern place, it's different-curcature arch and novalve air flue can provide a reference for the study of ancient literature related drawings.

Key Words: Mushan; Using time; Structure; Technology elements


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